Improving your child’s immunity with Ayurveda

Charaka Samhita, an ancient text that expounds the principles of Ayurveda, states that

strength, health, and longevity all depend on the power of Agni. 

Agni refers to the digestive enzymes and secretions in the stomach and small intestines.

These digestive enzymes and secretions are responsible for breaking down food and

turning it into chyle, or nutrient fluid.

This nutrient fluid reaches the cells to create and nourish healthy tissues that include plasma, haemoglobin, muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow, the central nervous system, and the reproductive tissue including semen and ovum.

At its core, Ayurveda is not about suppressing symptoms, but about addressing the root

cause of our imbalances. 

For children, immunity depends on healthy and vibrant digestion- if the absorption process

is imbalanced, it compromises the immune system.

Healthy digestion is vital to children,

who are developing quickly and need to create healthy blood, bones, organs, and brain

tissue. The key to healthy and robust digestion is immunity-enhancing meals and healthy


Supporting your child's immunity with diet:

- Include  turmeric , cumin, and black pepper in their diet. These spices have immune-modulating action and can enhance the body's natural protection capabilities.

- Eat lighter foods. Include more digestible foods like soups and make sure they drink hot water. 

- Ghee and milk are cherished in the ayurvedic tradition for their Ojas-enhancing effects. Ghee is the most easily digested fat, contains essential fatty acids, and is a great immunity booster. Milk should be boiled with a pinch of cardamom before it is drunk to make it easier to digest. Drink it alone, away from meals, to avoid indigestion.

- Organically grown food is the best since they are devoid of chemicals.

Inducing healthy habits:

- Remind your children to wash their hands frequently. Children are exposed to so many impurities, and the best defence is making sure that they wash their hands after playing outside, before meals, after petting animals and after bathroom visits. 

- Make sure your child follows a timely sleep pattern and has adequate rest

- Encourage your children to go outdoors and play for at least one hour. With physical activities, a child's appetite improves, and the diet mentioned above can be easily implemented.

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