Healed at Home

When was the last time you visited your grandparents and found yourself at your

grandmother's mercy? "You look thin, you don't eat enough, you look unwell. Here, take this."

Our grandmothers are by far, the best source of medical and nutritional advice that one can

think of. Funnily enough, most of our grandmother's remedies are found within the kitchen walls. Everything is available, exactly when you need it.

Home remedies that have been made so popular by our grandmothers have gained even

more popularity today, with people moving away from chemicals and turning once again, to

nature for the answers. These remedies have gained popularity among those looking at a

more holistic approach to health, opting to treat something from its root cause, as opposed

to symptomatically, a principal that is greatly advocated and stressed upon in Ayurveda.

Grandmother's remedies or home remedies seem to exist for each and every thing out

there, from boosting immunity to fighting acne or hair loss and from treating pains to healing

cuts and wounds.

Essential oils, enzymes, vitamins and minerals derived from these quick treatments are soaked up by our bodies and are assimilated in the quantity in which they are required.

Here are some of the most popular Grandma remedies:

- Ginger mixed with honey is one of the most popular remedies for cough

- Fenugreek seeds soaked overnight is a great cure for an upset stomach

- Turmeric sprinkled over an open wound or cut will make it heal very quickly

- A decoction of haldi, pepper and liquorice are said to cure a sore throat

- Keeping a garlic clove in your ear will rid you from an ear infection

- Placing a fresh jasmine flower over your eye will rid your eyes of redness or puffiness

We would love to know what your favourite grandmother remedies are! Let us know in the


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