Ayurveda and the Coronavirus

As the world continues to battle the spread of the Coronavirus, Ayurveda experts and practitioners highlight that one of the most important measures we can take is keeping our immunity levels high, a key element in fighting off the virus.

Remember that Ayurveda does not only focus on a short term cure to a condition. It is about its prevention through holistic living practices that ensure the body, mind and soul are balanced at all times.

Strong immunity is crucial in fighting any virus or bacteria. Since the Coronavirus primarily affects the lungs and respiratory tracts in the body, herbs like Amla, Neem, Kutki and Tulsi are known to enhance immunity and prevent infections.

Proper digestion plays an essential role in dealing with diseases. Fresh ginger, cinnamon and fennel are excellent for keeping the digestive system running well.

At Amarantha, we harnessed the power of Curcumin and its ability to boost immunity in Qmin Plus. This powerful healing agent, with anti-oxidising and anti-inflammatory properties, delivers a concentrated blend of 95% standardised Curcumin enhanced with Pippali extract for maximum absorption. You can learn more about it here.

Since the beginning of the global infection, more and more people have been turning to Ayurveda to explore traditional methods of keeping immunity high and protecting their bodies. Keep in mind that ensuring durable protection is not a substitute for the directions of the World Health Organisation, and frequently cleaning your hands while maintaining social distance is crucial to preventing the widespread of the virus.

Be sure to follow the instructions of local authorities to ensure the spread of the virus is contained. Keep your family and loved ones close and be sure to notify the nearest hospital of any symptoms of flu they may experience.

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