An Ayurvedic Remedy for Constipation

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Constipation is a common condition in which an unbalanced state of Vata (the air element in the body) is expressed in dryness and hardness in the body.

It is caused by a lack of sufficient dietary fibre in the body, low consumption of water, inadequate exercise, excessive protein intake and many other factors. Constipation can cause discomfort, swelling, abdominal pain, and may lead to intestinal absorption of toxins. Chronic constipation may lead to anal fissures or piles.It is particularly important to prevent constipation by maintaining balance in the body.

One of the best ways to prevent constipation, especially if slowness is dominant in your body structure, is to follow a diet that promotes overall balance.

Cold foods and beverages, dried fruits (unless soaked in water), meat and most types of legumes should be avoided. Hot vegetable-based foods and warm beverages are preferable.

You may also eat fruit to increase dietary roughage.

Apples, sweet limes and papaya are useful for regulating bowel movement and cleaning the tongue and teeth.

Also, pineapple juice, raisins, or dried plums soaked in water, peaches an hour or two after dinner, should do the trick.

Be sure to include more fibre, whether from leafy vegetables, wheat germ or bran.

A spoonful of flax seeds boiled in water is another popular Ayurvedic remedy.

Castor Oil is a popular remedy in case of severe cases of constipation.

You may prepare a pure Ginger tea by boiling a few pieces of ginger in the water or adding ginger powder to a cup of hot water and then mixing in two teaspoons of castor oil.

The dosage may be increased in case of no relief.

It is important to remember that Ayurveda focuses on treating issues from within for long term relief. Incorporate changes into your lifestyle and watch how your body reacts positively.

Woman suffering from constipation
Woman suffering from constipation

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