Enjoy a hot cup of healing Herbal Granules

And say goodbye to

your stress!

Why Imustress?

Stress, or Sahasa, as its known in Ayurveda is often one of the leading causes of loss of immunity (Ojahksaya), which increases the body's susceptibility to various diseases. Eliminating stress or trying to avoid it through a holistic Ayurvedic way of life is perhaps the best strategy for maintaining high levels of immunity. 

Why Imustress?

Because it contains:

  • Tulsi- a strong antiseptic and powerful booster of immunity.

  • Twaka or Cinnamon – antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

  • Shunthi –aids digestion and soothes gastric ailments


Since stress affects every part of the body, Imustress provides a gentle yet powerful cover to help through worrisome times!


What's Inside


Lowers Blood Pressure and Reduces Stress


Boosts digestion, promotes the absorption of nutrients, soothes the mind and the body


Helps in digestion, enhances appetite, pacifies stomach disorders, maintains joint health and respiratory system health

Helps to relax the mind and promotes good sleep

A highly effective remedy against the ill effects of stress


A powerful immunomodulator