Enjoy a hot cup of healing Herbal Granules

And say goodbye to

your stress

Stress, or Sahasa, as its known in Ayurveda is often one of the leading causes of loss of immunity (Ojahksaya), which increases the body's susceptibility to various diseases. 

Eliminating stress, or trying to avoid it through a holistic Ayurvedic way of life is perhaps the best strategy for maintaining high levels of immunity. 


Ayurvedic practitioners and doctors recommend  regular intake of several rasayana herbs to increase the coping capacity of the body is advised. Several of these rasayanas have demonstrated significant stress attenuating effects in animal experimentation and scientific efforts are ongoing to logically utilize rasayana herbal formulation in stress management.

Why Curcumin?


A highly effective stress and

depression reduction formula

A powerful immunomodulator

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