The Power of Curcumin in your pocket

Turmeric is one of the most well-known, and commonly used Ayurvedic spices in the world, with over 1,000 studies that tout the efficacy and benefits of Curcumin in the human body

In Ayurveda, it is used to balance Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.


Amarantha's CurQmint is a soothing, chewable tablet that provides multi-symptom relief and supports healthy immune function. 

Why Curcumin?

The active agents in Curcumin provide a wide array of health benefits including:

  • Healthy Inflammatory Response 
    When working properly, our inflammatory response system is a swift, natural mechanism that’s designed to help the body heal and repair. When the system is out of balance, it can cause a multitude of complications. Curcumin supports an inflammatory response that brings the system back to normal.

  • Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Properties
    For thousands of years, turmeric has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. 

  • Joint Relief
    Curcumin nourishes the joints and can help elevate pain related to Arthritis or Alzheimers. 

  • Antioxidising Effect
    Antoxidants like turmeric help to bolster your immunity and fight free radicals.

  • Promotes Healthy Digestion
    Curcumin supports a healthy stomach, digestive system, colon (healthy gut), and liver. It’s also been used to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and circulatory system.

Curcumin benefits

What's Inside


A known antioxidant that possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antiseptic and blood cleansing properties


Improves digestion, reduces the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body, thereby improving metabolism


Soothes the digestive tract and cleanses the stomach. An effective cure for several symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome like indigestion and dyspepsia

A brlliant Immunomodulator


An excellent treatment for

Cough, Common Cold & Sore Throat

A powerful

Rejuvenator & Mouth Freshener