The Ultimate Remedy for Joint Pain

For quick relief from muscle sprains, straings

Joint pain is a very common problem with many possible causes, but it's usually a result of injury or arthritis. In older people, joint pain that gets steadily worse is usually a sign of osteoarthritis. 

In Ayurveda, the bones and joints are considered a site of Vata in the body. Additionally, the joints also share an important connection with the nervous tissue and the nervous system as a whole.

The Ariflex Liniment formula is infused with the goodness of Maha Vishagarbha Taila and other herbs that help curb all kinds of joint pain instantly.

Ariflex Liniment

What's Inside

Maha Vishagarbha

A herbal oil used to treat Vata imbalances and neuro-muscular conditions

Gandhapura Taila

An aromatic oil that acts as a stimulant, antiseptic, and a pain-reliever

Tailaparnah Taila

A herbal oil used for the treatment of acute arthritis pain



What People Say

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of this oil-based application have greatly benefited many of my patients suffering from pain, swelling and muscle spasm.

Moushumi Kuvawala


Take control of the pain with the

power of nature.